LOVE LUST AMBITION to CREATE – Christina Dominelli

Christina believes you need these traits, to keep taking her to the next level and her vision for the salon.

Her passion for design, function and creativity has fed the heart to build this Salon in Edmonton.

The space was designed not only to create amazing looks for the guests but also to feed the soul of the artist.

The room has a Stage, Runway, Show Lights and Sound. Which allows so many avenues of education and shows in Hair and Fashion.

She has put a team together that has these traits and love for the industry!!!

To bring innovation and inspiration to every artist that walks through the door.

To have our guests feel a sense of well-being and comfort.

To be consciously aware of our health, well-being, environmental and ethical responsibilities.

To produce innovative leaders and provide quality in our craft.

To be the artist that takes you on a journey and leaves you with an experience.

To always represent dignity and passion.

Most of all…

To always respect the beauty in it all…

and never forget to be a little CRAZY…
Christina Dominelli Salon